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  1. If you can't wait for shipping, go to Petco.
  2. They are the only retail source for Starmark collars.
  3. Ask the staff what aisle Training Collars are on.

Why I Use the Starmark Training Collar

Starmark Collars were invented right here in Texas, down in the Austin vicinity. In my opinion, they are the BEST training collar for household pets. I've trained at least a thousand dogs, and I won't use any other collar but this one. It is safer than choke chains and more effective than halters!

The pronged links mimic mommy dog "biting" her puppy to teach it how to behave. That's important because it gives you the ability to be dominant (be the alpha), but in a way that makes so much sense to the dog you don't have to use much force. That's another reason this collar is my favorite.

The watch band design allows for sizing adjustments to get the perfect fit.
     Here's a video showing how to size it.