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Sat Jan 4, 2:00 pm
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My Simple Guarantee
If you're not happy with the results there's no charge.
You call... I come... Happy Dog, Happy Family.



Price $325
January Special $265!

Welcome to DFW Calm Dog with thousands of satisfied customers across the DFW metroplex!
I specialize in calming dogs down and helping them overcome issues based on hyperactive states of mind.

Calm Dog™ Training makes dogs happier, more balanced and better behaved.

GUARANTEED! If I can't transform your dog on the very first visit then I won't charge a penny!

My methods are 100% safe for Small Dogs too!

Yes, even with your stubborn, untrainable dog!

I specialize in STUBBORN, Crazy, Hyper Dogs.

Call 7 Days/Week
Price $325
January Special $265!

What's Calm Dog?

Calm Dog Training is a form of dog training that uses your dog's natural instincts to turn bad behaviors into good behaviors right before your eyes. Your dog knows "how to act right". I come to your home and make that happen naturally, instinctually and permanently.

My methods create rapid, safe, fun and effective transformation in just one visit. Because I use leadership and instinctual methods, transformations happen right before your eyes!

Call 7 Days/Week
Price $325
January Special $265!

How's It Different?

The training methods I use are entirely different. My methods access the dog's Basic Instinctual Responses toward Calm, Attentive, Balanced Behavior.

Calm Dog Training takes only a few hours and transforms your dog the first time.

Real-world, complicated dog behaviors fixed such as hyperactiveness, dominance, puppy chaos etc.

Calm Dog Training fixes the Whole Dog in a way that is Natural, Instinctual and Rapid.