Board & Train Availability
Save $275 - March Special Price $1,220

Mar 15 (Sun)
Mar 18 (Wed)
Mar 21 (Sat)
Mar 25 (Wed)
No Crying, No Loneliness
100% Human Contact - just like a dog should have.
Complete Program Price: $1,495
Save $275 - March Special Price $1,220
Door to Door Service includes:
FREE Pick-up at your home,
Two weeks of daily handling/training/playing,
and a 1 hour in-home session at Homecoming.

24/7 Saturation
Board and Train Program

I limit boarding and training to only ONE DOG at a time.

Why do I do this?

I want every dog I train to be the best IN-HOME DOG he can possibly become. That can't happen when the dog is kept alone in a kennel and trained only twice a day.

Very Limited and
Unique Program

Most dogs don't need boarding and training to solve their issues in the home. However, I do offer a very special and very limited board and train program like no other.

I typically only accept one board and train dog at a time... occasionally I have a short overlap where I have one extra dog but no more.

If I board and train your dog he will live IN MY HOME with me, SLEEP in my home with me, GO WITH ME during the day and be TREATED LIKE MY PERSONAL DOG.

Very Limited Space Available

INCLUDES: training and reinforcement in your own home.

FREE Transportation - We pickup & return your dog at no charge.
Complete Program Price: $1,495
Save $275 - March Special Price $1,220

Household Manners

Obedience Training

Public Manners

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Complete Program Price: $1,495
Save $275 - March Special Price $1,220

Yes, we give the basic obedience training your family needs: Come, Sit, Stay, Walk on Leash, Kennel on Command and Go Lay Down on Bed. But we also teach household manners when greeting guests and playing with children so your dog can be calm and polite inside your home.

We Train YOU too!
You will learn

If you need us to come back for more in-home sessions just give us a call. You have unlimited follow ups for six months after board and train is complete.
If you have questions, just call. We are very nice and are not "salesmen."